Hayley Woo

Woo Jia Yi, better known as Hayley, started blogging since 2006 and gained recognition in 2009. She joined many competitions that include several big scaled K-POP related competitions, i-Beauty Shokubutsu and The New Paper New Face auditions in 2011 & 2012. Her first big break was when she landed a role together with her twin sister, Jayley, in 2012 for a local movie named "That Girl In Pinafore" . She then went to Malaysia to film a 20 episode drama “Dive Into Love”. Some of her other works include a Channel 5 thriller-crime drama “Zero Calling”, starring Pierre Png and Cynthia Koh, and “Filial Party”, starring alongside Christopher Lee, Ann Kok, Irene Ang, Guo Liang, Mark Lee and Kym Ng. Hayley has also appeared in several episodes of 《⼥⼈我最⼤-新加坡版》 Season 2 ( Ladies First Singapore Season 2) shown on Starhub's 都会台 and is currently shooting a Channel 8 drama - 《三个愿望》 as Shane Pow's girlfriend, Winnie.

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